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Sermon Series – The Apostles’ Creed: What We Believe Together

Join us on Sunday, June 11, as we begin a 12-part series on the Apostles’ Creed. We will be taking a short break from our study on Acts, having just finished up Paul’s second missionary journey.  We will return to Acts later this fall.

Based on this 4th Century creed of the early church and a sermon series and Bible study by Pastor Matt Chandler from the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, this series will remind us of what we, the body of Christ, have in common in terms of our core beliefs. It will help us remember what we should believe together in a postmodern world where absolute truth is so much in question.

We live in a world where there are so many questions, opinions, and interpretations about Christian beliefs, even within the church itself.  Rooted in the apostles’ teachings, the Apostles’ Creed contains essential Christian doctrines and beliefs that summarize the gospel and make up the foundation of our faith. Those scriptural truths contained in the creed help us operate from good theology, knowing that our faith is rooted in truth and a rich history that spans past, present, and future.

Traditionally, we Baptists claim that we don’t have any creeds, but rather that we are confessional. Still, we have statements of faith that summarize our beliefs.  For the Baptist, the Bible is the bottom line, the measuring stick of truth.  But the lines of the creed aren’t mere words. They convey the essence of what we confess and believe as the body of Christ. (To understand this more, click here.)

Here is the schedule for the series (subject to change):

  • 11-Jun – I Believe In…
  • 25-Jun – God the Father Almighty
  • 2-Jul – Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord
  • 9-Jul – The Virgin Birth of Christ
  • 16-Jul – The Passion of Christ
  • 6-Aug – After Jesus’ Death
  • 13-Aug – Jesus Christ, Our Intercessor
  • 20-Aug – The Return of Jesus Christ
  • 10-Sep – I Believe in the Holy Spirit
  • 17-Sep – The “catholic” Church?!?
  • 24-Sep – The Forgiveness of Sins
  • 1-Oct – Resurrection and the Life Everlasting–Amen!


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