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Letters of the Revelation – Sunday nights from 5:30-7 PM

Join us on Sunday nights beginning September 10 for a six-week study on Revelation chapters 2-3.  John’s Revelation is perhaps the most studied and discussed book in the Bible. It begins with seven letters to seven different churches of the day: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Revelation and this study explore these churches’ challenges, failures, expectations, and victories. Through careful examination of these churches, you will discover the cultural implications for those times and the ways John’s prophetic vision applies to us today. You will develop a better context for end-times theology and gain a greater understanding of the task that faces the church right now. Each of us will be challenged to repent and reorient our lives to the mission of the church, as revealed in the prophecies of John. We will learn that modern churches have shortcomings like those of the churches of Asia. Yet there is still time to awake from spiritual lethargy and deadness and embrace the mission God has for His church today.

During the six sessions of the study we will cover the following churches:
Week 1 (September 10) –  Rekindling Your First Love: The Church in Ephesus
Week 2 (September 17) – Faithful in Persecution: The Church in Smyrna
Week 3 (September 24) – Return to Purity: The Churches in Thyatira and Pergamum
Week 4 (October 1) – Awake from Your Deadness: The Church in Sardis
Week 5 (October 8) – Cling to What Is Good: The Church in Philadelphia
Week 6 (October 15) – Restore Your Sight: The Church in Laodicea

Here’s a short video promo about the study by it’s co-author, D.A. Horton:

If you wish, you can order a study book from LifeWay.  To order, click here.


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