Grow in Christ through discipleship…

Goal: Growing disciples who are adequately equipped and eager to be sent out on mission.

In John 15, Jesus paints a beautiful picture of what it means to grow in Him through discipleship. He uses the metaphor of the vineyard to show us how we relate to the Father.

  • The Father is the keeper of the vineyard, responsible for cleaning out dead branches and pruning the love ones so that much fruit will be produced.
  • The followers of Jesus are the branches which produce the fruit. In order to produce fruit, the branches must remain connected to (abide in) the vine.
  • Jesus is the vine. He stands between the keeper of the vineyard (the Father) and the branches (us) as a mediator of life and of sustenance.

If we are to produce fruit in God’s kingdom, then we need Jesus! We must abide in Him! This is discipleship. From     John 15 we learn that discipleship involves:

  • Discipline from our Lord.
  • Dependence on our Lord.
  • Making disciples for our Lord.
  • Delight in our Lord.

This growth translates into our lives as members of First Baptist Church of Rosharon. Growing in Christ through discipleship transforms our lives, and is reflected in:

  • Abiding in Jesus through daily prayer and Bible study.
  • Inviting unchurched people to church.
  • Getting trained on how to make disciples.
  • Multiplying yourself.




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