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Giving Online Tutorials & FAQs

A message from Pastor Brian about Online Giving


Online Giving Tutorials

Website Giving Instructional Video  (for an instructional PDF click here)

Mobile Device Giving Instructional Video

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Is my information safe?

The services uses the same level of incription as banks, so your information is protected as securily as it is by your financial institution. Also, your financial information is not stored in their or our system. See more information below.

Where is my financial infromation stored?

It is actually not stored online. Instead, a unique indentifier is created for your payment method that can only be used to make payments to this system. So in the unlikely event someone hacked their way past the bank-level security system, they would not get your financial information, but just a unique number that would only let the would-be theif give more of your money to the church.

Can I create a log-in account?

The system does not use traditional "username + password" accounts. Instead it will automatically create an account using the email you provide when you pay. Each time you wish to pay you could just fill out the form the same way, and so long as you enter the same email each time, it will track your payments.

If you would like to access your account to make payments without reentering your financial information, or to change your automatic giving settings, you can click the "log in" button above the form and enter the email you use to pay. The system will then send that email as link to access your account. No passwords to remember!

If I set up reoccuring payments, would I be able to change or cancel them in the future?

Of course! Just enter your email in the log in screen and a link will be sent to access your account. There you can adjust reoccuring payment settings. 

Will my email be added to a mailing list?


Do I have to log-in to pay again?

No. You could fill out the form to pay every time just like the first time. You do have the option to enter your email and recieve a log-in link if you prefer, though.

Is the mobile payment system different from the website one?

No! They are just different ways to access the same system.

Can I use the mobile payment system on the desktop website?

Yes! You could also use the desktop system to give on your mobile device. It is just two options to give you the best user experience.

I have more questions; is there any way I can get them answered?

Yes! Email the church at fbcrosharon@gmail.com and we will get back to you!